Does the band provide Ceremony services?

Yes, Wedding venues rarely provide on site audio for ceremony. You can arrange for the band to provide audio equipment and mics and also cue mp3 music if needed. Audio/mics are also included if you choose from our live ceremony options:

  • All options include speakers and mic for officiant
  • NO MUSIC – Speaker & Mic only
  • Speakers & mic + MP3
  • Solo piano or solo guitar
  • DUO – Guitar & piano
  • DUO 2 – Piano and Sax
  • option to add an additional musician to choices above including female vocal.


Do you offer cocktail music?

Yes, we provide a complimentary speaker and playlist or you can choose to add one of our live options:

  • All options include sound system
  • Solo guitar & Vox
  • Jazz Piano
  • DUO 1: Guitar & vox + percussion
  • DUO 2: Guitar & vox + female vox
  • DUO 3: Jazz piano and sax duo
  • JAZZ TRIO – Cocktail drums, Piano, Bass
  • JAZZ QUARTET – Cocktail drums, Piano, Bass, sax


Do you have options for # of band members?

Yes. Our standard configuration is a 7-piece band including saxophone. We also offer 8-piece with trumpet added and 9-piece with trumpet and trombone.

How long does the band play?

Standard wedding is 4 hours. Band provides live music for duration of reception and rotates band members so that everyone can eat.

Does the band take breaks?

The band does not use MP’s and there’s never a time where the entire band is on break together unless special MP3’s are requested. The only exceptions are a reception longer than the standard 4 hour time or a post-entrees final dance set of 150+ minutes, in which case the band MIGHT require an 8-10 minute break and provide dance mp3 music.

Does the band provide an emcee for the event?

Yes, our bassist is a highly experienced, top notch emcee whose services are included with the band. He will organize and announce all entrance introductions as well as special dances and toasts. The band supplies wireless mics for speeches.

Will the people in the video be at my wedding?

Yes. All members of blue label are partners in the business. A substitute performer would only be used in the case of an emergency situation.

Does the band have a DJ?

Yes. Our sax player is a professional DJ and can provide after party services.

Will the band learn songs specifically for my event?

Yes. As per the contract, the band is able to learn as many as three songs that are not currently in our repertoire, IF NECESSARY. Please give the band at least 60 days notice to be able to learn any songs that are not in our current song list. Most often, we are asked to learn the first dance, unless the bride and groom specifically would like to hear the original version in MP3 form.

Parent dances?

Yes, we will learn parent dance songs if you or your parent has found a specific song with sentimental value. However, we do have many popular parent dance choices in our repertoire. We encourage you to consider our buyout option for parent dances.

IF you choose live performance from our list of parent dance songs which are in our regular rotation OR an mp3 version of any song for your parent dances, we will credit $100 per song towards final payment.

We can cover a wide array of styles but occasionally there might be a song that is simply not musically feasible. In this instance, we will let you know and then we can either play your chosen song as an Mp3, or you may opt to choose a different song for the band to perform.

Will the band learn songs to be played in the dance set?

The band highly recommends to limit this to very important sentimental choices, such as an anniversary song for parents or grandparents, though we will absolutely make exceptions. We work very hard to find songs that we can perform very well that are popular for dancing at events, while trying to avoid those that are lesser known to diverse wedding crowds and will not initiate dancing and crowd participation.

What can I expect regarding music details and planning the event with the band?

You will receive an introductory email with link to our wedding questionnaire 6 months prior to your date. Our band leader will address any questions via email or phone at any point between booking and your date. Special dance choices and questionnaire should be submitted 60 days prior to your date. Our band leader will reach out to schedule a video meeting 7-8 weeks prior to review details, address questions and discuss your music preferences and timeline.

Does the band require a stage?

No. We have no preference of stage or floor space to set up. We require a 10’ x 16’ space or 160 square feet minimum with a depth of at least 8 feet. For 8 and 9 piece, we require 12×20 or 240 feet of minimum space.

Will the band perform at a private residence?

Yes! As long as our requirements are met, we will gladly perform at backyard weddings and outdoor events.


  • Same space as above on a stage or flat surface (dance floor, pavers etc. NOT grass, dirt, sand)
  • Power- (2) 20-amp circuits dedicated exclusively for band use and not shared with other vendors
  • Power and entire band setup must be completely covered and protected from weather elements
  • Must provide a flat surface path for equipment to be transported to stage (or adjacent driveway access)